From Jerusalem to London and the Virtual World

The National Library of Israel (NLI) partnered with Jewish Book Week (JBW) once again in 2020, for the fourth consecutive year. 

Participation at the physical gathering in London in March unfortunately had to be reduced due to the beginning of coronavirus restrictions, yet nevertheless, Dr. Raquel Ukeles, curator of the NLI's Islam and Middle East Collection, hosted a panel with scholar Dr. Merav Mack and Prof. Simon Goldhill entitled "Jerusalem: City of the Book". 


Dr. Meirav Mack speaking at the "Jerusalem: City of the Book" session. Jewish Book Week 2020, London

Dr. Meirav Mack speaking at the "Jerusalem: City of the Book" session. Jewish Book Week 2020, London


Mack is a research fellow at the Truman Institute at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and teaches at the university’s department of comparative religion. Her recent book Jerusalem: City of the Book, written with Benjamin Balint, brings readers on an exploratory journey through the city's libraries. Goldhill is Professor of Greek at Cambridge and a Fellow of King's College. He has published widely on ancient Greek and on Victorian Jerusalem, and is an award-winning writer and broadcaster, whose books The Temple of Jerusalem and Jerusalem, City of Longing have been translated into eight languages. 

The session explored the central position of libraries in the holy city's past, present and future:


In July 2020, NLI and JBW co-sponsored the live Zoom event "Jewish Treasures from Oxford Libraries," a lavishly illustrated discussion between award-winning author Rebecca Abrams and Dr. Yoel Finkelman, curator of the National Library of Israel's Haim and Hanna Solomon Judaica Collection, the largest collection of textual Judaica in the world:



The National Library and Jewish Book Week are continuing to collaborate in order to bring the textual, historic and cultural treasures of the Jewish people to diverse audiences across Europe and throughout the world.