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Building an Exchange of Culture and Creativity in Israel and Europe.

European Days of Jewish Culture


The National Library of Israel participates annually in the European Days of Jewish Culture, a project of the European Association for the Preservation and Promotion of Jewish Culture and Heritage.


The European Days of Jewish Culture celebrates Jewish heritage in countries and cities across Europe. The NLI provides participating cities with useful resources and materials for inspiration on Jewish heritage, history and culture from its vast and unique collections to help local coordinators in planning their unique events.

Jewish Journeys

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"Jewish Journeys" is a National Library of Israel virtual exhibition launched as part of European Days of Jewish Culture 2020, in collaboration with AEPJ.


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The theme of the 2018 European Day of Jewish Culture was Storytelling. The National Library of Israel chose several unique stories from its vast collections to inspire, teach and reveal the beauty of our history and our heritage.

The Jewish Diaspora

The theme, “Diaspora,” presented an opportunity to give a brief overview of the fascinating story of the Jewish Diaspora in Europe stretching over two millennia as told through a panel exhibition and a short film from the collections of the National Library of Israel.

Jewish Languages

The theme of the 2016 European Days of Jewish Culture focused on Jewish languages. The National Library of Israel drew on the materials in the library collections, providing participating cities with materials to create their own exhibits as part of the local events surrounding the European days.