Gesher L'Europa

A Bridge to Europe from the National Library of Israel



Gesher L'Europa is an initiative of the Rothschild Foundation Hanadiv Europe and a part of the National Library of Israel's (NLI) ambitious journey of renewal which aims to make the Library's treasures open and available to diverse audiences, both in Israel and around the globe, and to encourage engagement with the National Library collections in new and meaningful ways.


Gesher L'Europa strives to position the NLI as a virtual and physical hub for international exchange between Israel and Europe, bringing together people with shared interests in Jewish heritage, culture and education.  Through Gesher L'Europa, the NLI collaborates with museums, archives, education and community professionals, and takes part in festivals and institutions promoting Jewish culture and studies across Europe. Gesher L'Europa makes library content and expertise accessible in tangible and practical ways through:


Knowledge Sharing:

Training and development courses for librarians and archivists working with Jewish materials and assistance in developing resources to complement the study of Jewish texts. 


Community Engagement:

Helping communities and the wider public in Europe engage with the NLI's Collections through educational resources, partnerships and creative initiatives that tell the stories behind the NLI's rich and diverse materials.


Digital Services: 

Providing technical services to Jewish heritage projects and institutions in Europe, helping them conserve and make accessible their materials and records.